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Joe Russell is a top 200 tennis legend. He has devoted his life to the to the sport. A Grand Master of the game, he coaches the best of the best – the elite – at SICC and SITA, Laguna Country Club and other elite establishments.

You dont pick Joe because he’s the cheapest Coach. You pick him because you want to learn the very best technique in the short time you have available. You understand that in your 60 short minutes he has concentrated 6 decades of experience.

Lets call it out: unlike some of your peers, you have learned that time is more valuable than money. Choosing Joe reflects well on your values: You value your time on this planet.

Fireshot don’t even dare to dream of comparing ourselves to this Master. But we can aspire. There are parallels and echos between generations:

Our clients are equally discerning. Each of our clients is busy and successful. When they work they are focused. When they come home they focus on quality time with family. Distractions from errant devices and reserved for Fireshot concierge. wants “holes not drills”.




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